Quality Strength

EV charger Quality control dept

Quality wins credibility, reputation wins benefit.

“Quality is life”.Our products had been Popular all over the country in more than 200 cities, and exported to more than 30 different countries . They had won high praise form our customer with their high quality.

Controlling Quality from Source

  • Perfect industrial chain, independent intellectual property rights
  • Water-proof, dust-proof, vibration, dust mist, cold and hot test, high and low temperature cycle test equipment
  • Driving algorithm and thermal simulation design
  • Debugging aging system of the whole machine
  • Supporting product quality with leading technology

Information Management

  • Matrix R&D management system to ensure high efficiency and quality
  • CRM Customer Management System, Customer Life Cycle Whole Process Management
  • ERP enterprise consulting plan, business data and information can be shared
  • MES information management system, product information traceability

Key Technologies Leading Technology

  • Through intelligent factory, lean manufacturing and informationized management to build bench marking enterprises in charger industry
  • Using MES system to realize standardization of product manufacturing process, traceability of product quality and data management and control of product information

Harsh Environments Test

Extreme Cold Test at -30℃ in Northeast China
Location : Mohe, China
In the freezing environment of nearly – 30℃,
our fast DC charger passed the local extreme low temp operating test successfully.
High Temperature Test
Location : Turpan, Xinjiang, China
Turpan of Xinjiang Province is known as “Fire City”. The maximum temperature in June to August is above 42 ℃, and the highest temperature in summer has a record of 49.6 ℃. Dekonpower Fast charging point runs normally there.

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