Intelligent charging

Intelligent Charging Solution

Active protection
When a segment of BMS is abnormal or fails in the
charging process, the charger automatically stops
charging according to its own judgment.

EV Chargers
A variety of AC and DC chargers can be provided. Efficient, stable and convenient charging service for different types of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels

Support and service
With 16-year experience of overseas services for electric vehicle charging station supply,our chargers cooperative service network is widely distributed with fast response of 7 * 24 hours


Dekonpower Intelligent charging station operation and management platform is a comprehensive application platform of charging monitoring and management based on ocpp1.6J protocol. The platform could manage and maintain all scattered chargers and charging stations, making charging more convenient and service functions more complete.

The charging operation platform can realize unified monitoring, control and management of the chargers under its jurisdiction. It can keep abreast of the operation status and learn the status of chargers at any time. In case of failure, it can be quickly restore the operation system. Get rid of original management methods, evolve cutting-edge operation and maintenance capabilities, easily face various operation and maintenance challenges, process management of operation and maintenance services, improve safety, efficiency, and reduce the existence of human factors.

Intelligent charging (grid protection)
Monitor the output of the charging stations in real time, and ensure that the output power not exceed the maximum output capacity of the station through data analysis and calculation of the cloud platform

MAC charging(Plug and Charge)
For the special charging station, the MAC address of the priority charging vehicle is pre-recorded to realize the background data analysis to confirm whether to start charging after the gun is inserted.

Remote fault diagnosis
Up to180 operating parameters of each component could be collected remotely through the platform for analysis, and based on the combination of data screening and diagnosis algorithm models, more than 60% of faults can be repaired remotely

IC card Charging System

IC card system has the functions of card issuance, recharge and consumption record statistics. It adopts encryption algorithm, multiple data backup and other means to ensure the security and integrity of consumption records of end users. The system can assign address codes to users to improve the compatibility of cards. According to the user permission, it will display the function menu and toolbar, operator name, terminal, etc, when the user enters the main interface system.

DC Wall charger

Input voltage : 400V/AC±15%
Input current(MAX) :110A/165A/220A/275A
Input frequency: 45-65Hz
Output Voltage: 150~1000VDC Output
current: 0-100A
Communication protocol: DIN70121
Back office communication: OCPP1.6J

Customized Charging APP

Customized development of mobile APP software is optional services we can supply.
According to customer actual application, mainly meet different demands of various customers and maximize value of charging.