Energy Storage

Energy Storage Cabinet

Secure-Professional Intelligent and Flexible

EnerKiosk is a high safety super charging system developed for the user side to reduce green-house gas emissions and boost green development of construction & engineering, by combining with 15 years of experience in the R&D and application of electrochemical energy storage.

Green energy, green world!

Innovate Appearance

Safe and Intelligent

Economic& efficient

The system ensure the safe charging access of even all kinds of electric machines and vehicles.
It enables construction users to get rid of grid power constraints, achieve fast charging and green construction. In addition, the system can also be used for emergency power supply and peak-load shifting to ensure construction progress and save electricity bills.
The system adopts quick connection interface, which can be easily plugged and unplugged,and is convenient to install. The designed fast-connected AC and DC charging interface can charge engineering equipment. Besides, it will ensure more equipment or machines to be charged at the same time as using of the 2h designing system.
EnerKiosk is equipped with automotive-grade high-performance LFP batteries, and the battery cluster consists of a series of highly reliable automotive process modules. Battery Management
System (BMS) automatically control and monitor the entire battery system in real time, and it also has functions of battery balance management and fault self-diagnosis to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the module.
EnerKiosk adopts All-in-One design and functional units are integrated by one-stop in the 20FT container for easily lifting and transferring. The whole process of EnerKiosk from R&D to production is strictly controlled, and hundreds of tests and commissioning must be conducted before delivering to our customers, so as to save on-site construction and operation costs and achieve accident isolation, safe and comfortable energy use.

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